Univ. of Delaware and Virginia Tech Undergraduates Take On Process Safety

Both Virginia Tech and University of Delaware AIChE Student Chapters recently hosted two-day Process Safety Boot Camps for students on their campuses. These Mini-Process Safety Boot Camps provided students with an overview of basic concepts in process safety extending beyond the classroom and help prepare students for their careers in industry.

These training sessions are part of the Undergraduate Process Safety Learning Initiative, a global initiative designed to bring better awareness and understanding of process safety to undergraduates. Process safety professionals have long expressed the need for greater awareness at the undergraduate level, and this coordinated effort aims to prepare the next generation of chemical engineers to be more prepared as they enter the workforce.

Below, a photo of students during a boot camp session at Virginia Tech. You can find more photos here.

And here, a group of students at University of Delaware. You can find more photos here.

Training tomorrow's chemical engineers

The Undergraduate Process Safety Learning Initiative is a top priority for AIChE's ‘Doing a World of Good’ campaign. Although companies have extensive safety training programs, experience has shown that presenting process safety concepts as part of the chemical engineering curriculum proves most effective. The ultimate goal for the program is for all graduating bachelor-degree chemical engineers to be trained and knowledgeable about process safety by passing the required SAChE certificates and demonstrating a certain level of training in process safety. 

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