April 2017 CEP Preview


Soft Skills for ChEs

Become a Better Writer

You may call yourself an engineer, but you’re also a writer. Follow these 10 tips to improve your writing.

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Get Creative with Process Safety Management

Creative thinking is a necessary skill in process safety. While most people are born with the capacity for creative thinking, this skill can be lost through formal education and societal pressures that discourage it. Luckily, creative thinking can be learned.



SBE Update: The Blossoming Field of Plant Synthetic Biology

A Brief History and Outlook on Plant Engineering

Advances in plant mutagenesis and transgenesis will enable more sophisticated and precise engineering efforts in plants.

Synthetic Promoters for Precise Control of Gene Expression in Plants

Synthetic promoters can be designed rationally to provide tremendous advantages over their natural counterparts in terms of promoter strength and specificity.

Delivering Genes to Plants

Traditional methods of gene delivery to plants are labor- and time-intensive, are suitable for only a small number of hosts, and have high toxicity and limited practical applicability. This article discusses how nanoparticle-based approaches could enable efficient gene transfer into plants.

Solar-Driven Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products

Using synthetic biology, researchers are harnessing the photosynthetic reducing power generated in the chloroplast for synthesis of high-value products.


Process Control for the Process Industries — Part 2: Steady-State Characteristics

Chemical processing requires a different approach to control and automation than other types of machine and equipment control. This article focuses on the factors related to the steady-state characteristics of a chemical process.


  • Flower Power: Electronic Rose Doubles as a Supercapacitor
  • Sulfur Is No Match for Potassium
  • A Zap of Light Emboldens Rhodium Catalyst
  • Steel Gets a Modern Makeover
  • Stretchy Sensor Detects Touch and Gesture
  • RNA-Based Technology Could Revolutionize Therapeutic Antibodies
  • Additive Boosts Li-Metal Battery Performance


  • Catalyzing Commercialization: A Cyanide-Free Green Process to Recover Gold

  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Advances in Nonlinear Programming for Process Optimization

  • Technical Entity Trends: Making Tissue Regrowth and Repair a Reality

  • Process Safety Beacon: Is Your Vessel Really Empty?

  • Process Safety Visions: Intentional Competency Development

  • Career Corner: Tests That Can Help You Reinvent Your Career

  • Profile: Marc-André D'Aoust: Innovating Plant-Based Vaccines and Therapeutics

  • The ChE in Context: PAIC: The ChE's Voice In and About Government

  • New Products

  • Offshore Technology Conference Expo Preview

  • Calendars

  • Institute News

    • AIChE Elects New Fellows

    • Bielenberg Named CTO of RAPID Manufacturing Institute

    • Your AIChE Membership: AIChE Engage

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