John Televantos Delivers AGILE Keynote to Open #AIChESpring & 13th #GCPS

John Televantos, a partner at Arsenal Capital Partners, received the AGILE Award and delivered the AGILE keynote at the joint opening of the 2017 AIChE Spring Meeting and 13th Global Congress on Process Safety

The award is among AIChE's most prestigious and is given to individuals who exhibit overall sustained excellent industry leadership in businesses that employ chemical engineers, who are recognized for efforts in innovation and creating strategies that ensure success, and who can present a keynote of high value to meeting attendees and the members of the Institute. 

World of opportunity for chemical engineers

In his remarks, he discussed the important renaissance in investment that affects the US chemical industry, pointing to the example of Exxon's announcement of $20 billion to be invested in petrochemicals over the next five years. 

He also noted the exceptional position chemical engineers enjoy in the business world, underlining the  advantages of chemical engineering training, which provides unique preparations for both science and business. He also remarked that chemical engineers have been at the center of innovation over the past 100 years, and that they have also exhibited an exceptional record when it comes to entrepreneurship. 

See the interview

For more from John Televantos, watch his interview on ChEnected where he discusses some points from his talk and offers advice to young chemical engineers entering the workforce.