Interview with Henry Kister on Distillation Troubleshooting

AIChE's Kristine Chin joined Henry Kister at the 2017 AIChE Spring Meeting in San Antonio to discuss his book, Distillation Troubleshooting. Henry earned the nickname "the tower doctor" because he developed a true expertise at diagnosing distillation tower issues over the years. 

In his video interview above, he talks about how he developed this expertise, a large part of which began by simply speaking to senior engineers who had a lot of knoweledge and experience to share. Throughout his time in the field, he also gathered plenty of his own experiences. These years of know-how are shared in his book, which he considers one of his greatest achievements and a way of helping other chemical engineers in their day-to-day work and throughout their careers. 


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An excellent and brilliant mind who’s given much in distillation, diagnosis and troubleshooting of columns and their performance.