Saudi YPC Talks Process Safety at the 3rd Global Summit for Process Safety

By: Saudi YPC Publication Subcommittee 

The Saudi Young Professional Committee (YPC) participated in the 3rd Global Summit on Process Safety (GSPS) that was held in Dammam (Dec 4-5, 2016). The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) organized the summit, which was sponsored by SABIC. Launched back in 2014, on the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, the CCPS Global Summit on Process Safety brings an ongoing discussion on further enhancing Process Safety to the Middle East and Asia. The summit that was held in Dammam consisted of several session topics and leadership forums, bringing together world-class industry experts, as well as process safety practitioners from the Middle East’s top oil & gas and petrochemical industries. The summit created an exemplary forum for exchanging engineering practices and leadership traits that drive industry into a “zero harm” culture. 

Saud Al-Ghwainem (left), Outreach officer at Saudi YPC, and Mohammad Al-Mutawa (right) engaging with visiting professionals at the 3rd GSPS exhibition.

In addition to the academic and industrial panel discussions, the summit included an exhibition featuring more than 14 regional companies. Saudi YPC team took advantage of this occasion to promote membership, volunteering, and industry sponsorship opportunities for attendees. With the sponsorship and support of SADARA, this participation is a continuation of the active presence of Saudi YPC in industry-focused events in the GCC region with the strategic aim of increasing awareness about the team’s mission and vision among working professionals. 

Around 500 professionals visited the Saudi YPC booth at the 3rd GSPS exhibition

The Saudi YPC booth attracted nearly 500 visitors, which provided the opportunity to directly interact with process safety professionals. Ten YPC officers clocked over 30 volunteer hours to prepare for this occasion. Tamim Al-Jasir, Recruitment Sub-Committee Chair at Saudi YPC, emphasized how the team has worked in harmony to create a positive and long-lasting impression for visitors. Tamim stated that “YPC’ers committed their time and effort during this summit in order to encourage young professionals to join AIChE and engage with the Young Professionals Committee.” A total of over 50 volunteer hours were contributed by Saudi YPC officers, according to Tamim. Team officers distributed flyers highlighting benefits of joining AIChE and YPC through the Saudi Section. A raffle was drawn on the last day of the exhibition, in which one winner out of nearly 500 participants was awarded an Xbox console. 

Saudi YPC organized a raffle draw to engage with visiting professionals at the 3rd GSPS exhibition

Saudi YPC officers met with Mr. Yousef Al-Benyan, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SABIC, one the five world’s largest diversified petrochemicals companies. Mr. Al-Benyan was briefed about Saudi YPC mission, vision, and activities. Mohammad Al-Yanbaawi, Saudi YPC Vice Chair, shared with Mr. Al-Benyan opportunities and benefits of supporting team’s portfolio of programs for the upcoming year. 

Saudi YPC officers Mohammed Al-Yanbaawi (right) and Saud Al-Ghwainem (left) briefed Mr. Yousef Al-Benyan, CEO of SABIC, about the achievements of and future plans for Saudi YPC 
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