And the Winner of 2016 ASC ChemE Jeopardy Is...

Princeton took home the top prize this year in the 2016 ASC ChemE Jeopardy. Second and third places went to New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, respectively. 

The Princeton team

Second place winners, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Third place winners, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The teams competing were:

  • North Central - Trine University
  • Northeast - MIT
  • Southern - University of Alabama
  • MidAmerica  - University of Oklahoma
  • MidAtlantic - Princeton University
  • Southwest - University of Texas, Austin
  • Western - USC
  • Rocky Mountain - New Mexico Insistute of Mining and Technology
  • Pacific Northwest - University of Washington

To determine which teams would compete in the final round for the title of 2016 ChemE Jeopardy champion, all competing teams battled it out in three separate groups:

  1. Princeton University (Mid-Atlantic Region), University of Washington (Pacific Northwest Region), and USC (Western Region)
  2. University of Alabama (Southern Region), MIT (Northeast Region), and Trine University (North Central Region)
  3. University of Texas – Austin (Southwest Region), New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Rocky Mountain Region), and University of Oklahoma (Mid-America Region)

Categories, values, clues, and responses

Here are some of the questions teams had to answer.

Category: Single Jeopardy/Chemistry

Value: $200

Clue: The U.S. penny consists of these two chemical elements

Correct Response: What are zinc (97.5%) and copper (2.5%)?

Category: Single Jeopardy/Fluid Flow

Value: $500

Clue: In a pump this is a measure of how close the fluid at a given point is to boiling and thus to cavitation.

Correct Response: What is the Available Net Positive Suction Head (NPSHA)?

Category: Double Jeopardy/Microbiology

Value: $800

Clue: Varivax vaccine produced by Merck is used to prevent this childhood disease.

Correct Response: What is Chicken Pox?

Category: Double Jeopardy/Metals and Alloys

Value: $400

Clue: Stainless Steels are iron alloys containing a minimum of 10.5% of this metal.

Correct Response: What is Chromium?

The winning question

Could you have gotten the final question that allowed the University of Maryland team to capture the win?


Winning Response:


You can see more ChemE Jeopardy photos on Flickr