Opportunities for Young Professionals in the Environmental Division

This month, we sat down with V. Faye McNeill, Chair of the AIChE Environmental Division (ED) to discuss opportunities this Division offers.

1. Tell us a little about your Division.

The Environmental Division’s main mission is to further the application of chemical engineering in the environmental field. We do this primarily by providing programs on environmental topics of current interest at the AIChE national meetings; promoting technical communication of environmental chemical engineering activities (e.g., through our journal, Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy); and coordinating the Institute’s activities with other societies active in the environmental field.

2. What benefits have you received from becoming a member of this Division?

Being a member of the Environmental Division has kept me connected to other practicing professionals in this area, both in industry and academia. I am passionate about promoting the cutting edge environmental research that’s performed by chemical engineers worldwide, and AIChE ED has provided a forum for that. Four of the 14 Engineering Grand Challenges identified by the National Academy of Engineers are in the environmental realm, so it is important to keep the work of environmental chemical engineers visible to the rest of the chemical engineering community. 

3. What opportunities are available for members to get involved? What is a good way for Young Professional Members to get started?

Perhaps the easiest way to get involved is to attend one of our technical sessions at the AIChE Spring or Annual Meeting. The Lawrence K. Cecil Award lecture showcases an outstanding Environmental Division researcher each year.  Next, you may want to submit an abstract to present a poster or talk. Any interested AIChE member wanting to take their involvement to the next level may attend one of the Division’s business meetings at the AIChE Spring or Annual Meeting. This is a good way to meet division leadership, become acquainted with division activities, and get involved behind the scenes. 

4. When does this Division hold events or meetings?

We meet at the AIChE Spring and Annual Meetings, have monthly calls, webinars, etc. Our business meetings are held at the Spring and Annual Meetings on the Sunday prior to the main meeting. 

5. How does someone become a member?

If you are interested in joining the Environmental Division, you can do so by calling customer service at 800-242-4363 or +1-203-702-7660.
Division’s Dues of $45 include a subscription to Environmental and Sustainable Energy Progress.

6. Who can I contact with any questions or to get more involved?

Contact any of the division officers, listed on the Division homepage.