Cornell & McGill Universities Tie for 1st Place in 2015 Chem-E-Car Competition® [Photos]

The Chevron-sponsored 2015 Chem-E-Car Competition® resulted in a tie for 1st place for the performance competition. Both Cornell and McGill Universities scored runs of 5cm! UC Davis took the 3rd place trophee with a score of 17cm.

Cornell University wins first place with a score 5cm.

Cornell University took first place with a score 5cm.

McGill also took first place with a score of 5cm.

UC Davis took 3rd place with a score of 17 cm.

The 2015 Annual Student Conference Chem-E-Car Competition® took place Sunday, November 7 at 12:30PM in Salt Lake City. 34 regional winners from all over the U.S. plus international teams from Canada, Korea, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia competed to win the annual competition. The teams were asked to prepare spotlight videos to introduce their team and car. These videos were played ahead of each team's run but you can watch them all here.

The Spirit of Competition Award went to City College of New York

Other awards included

Smells like team spirit!

Under pressure.

The struggle is real!

This better be right!

Just one more drop...

And I am pleased with the result!

Sometimes a towel just isn't handy!

The team hard at work.

There's always room for a little drama!

Smile, you're on ChemE Camera!

See all the photos on Flickr.

Last year's photos.

Stay tuned for this year's official Chem-E-Car Video.


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I congratulate for the Team Spirit of success . V V SASI KUMAR.