May 2015 CEP Preview


The Four Pillars of Industrial Energy Efficiency

Enhance your facility’s energy efficiency through operational improvements, effective maintenance, engineered improvements, and new technologies.

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Career Catalyst

Lay the Foundation for a Successful Project

Outline your philosophies and strategies at the start of a project to help guide your activities toward success.

AIChE Journal Highlight

The Future of the Lecture

The lecture is an important and indispensible tool for teaching undergraduate chemical engineering students. The electronics revolution will not dramatically change the basic structure of the lecture, but instead supplement and enhance what is being taught.

Global Outlook

Turkey’s Chemicals Industry Expands into Global Markets

The Turkish chemicals industry has the potential for significant growth, with increasing demand coming from both domestic and global markets. To capture this potential, the industry will need to increase production capacity and diversify its product portfolio.

On the Horizon

Chemical Looping Rises to the Challenge

By separating a reaction into several subreactions, chemical looping minimizes exergy loss, facilitates product separation, and provides flexibility in process design.


  • Metabolic Engineering Delivers Low-Cost Hydrogen
  • Metal-Free Catalyst Recharges Zinc-Air Batteries
  • Aluminum Could Take Charge of the Battery Market
  • New Desalination Membrane Resists Chlorine
  • The Path Forward to a Methane-Based Economy
  • Geothermal Energy Heats Up


  • Letters
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Enabling a New Generation of Polyolefins
  • Spotlight on Safety: Verify, Then Act
  • Process Safety Beacon: Mechanical Integrity
  • Young Professionals Point of View: Successfully Navigating in a New Career
  • What’s New
  • Books
  • Product Digest: Solids Handling
  • Software
  • Calendars
  • Institute News
    • Meet AIChE’s New Fellows
    • AIChE Opens Houston Office
    • Your AIChE Membership — Career Services
    • Member News

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