AIChE Journal Articles Make Wiley's Top 20 List

Articles from the AIChE Journal, Biotechnology Progress, Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, and Process Safety Progress are at the top of the list of  "hottest articles in chemical engineering" from Wiley & Wiley-VCH. Twenty widely accessed articles from AIChE and from other titles are available free of charge for a limited time, and are viewable on the web or your mobile device. Topics include "Process Data Analytics in the Era of Big Data" and a primer on tools for understanding and managing hazards, among others. 

AIChE Journal

Process data analytics in the era of big data

Biotechnology Progress

Bacillus coagulans tolerance to 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium-based ionic liquids in aqueous and solid-state thermophilic culture

Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy

Analysis of product distribution and characteristics in hydrothermal liquefaction of barley straw in subcritical and supercritical water

Process Safety Progress

Understanding hazards, consequences, LOPA, SILs, PFD, and RRFs as related to risk and hazard assessment