February 2015 CEP Preview


Examining Your Engineering Responsibility

Engineering ethics frequently has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with communication, thought and decision-making patterns, and conflicts around time and money.

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Control Column Pressure via Hot-Vapor Bypass

Hot-vapor bypass employs a flooded condenser located at ground level to control distillation tower pressure. It offers capital cost savings, but can be tricky to implement. This article offers guidance on designing and troubleshooting a hot-vapor bypass system.

Reactions and Separations

Modeling Chemical Reactors

Models can be used to describe chemical reactors to help solve problems and optimize processes, while saving time, money, and resources.


Measure Viscosity Effectively

Knowledge of a material's rheological behavior can be of value for research and development, process design, and quality control. This article provides a foundation for understanding viscosity measurement.


  • Pop-Up Method Transforms 2D Materials into 3D Objects 
  • Digging in the Dirt Uncovers a New Antibiotic
  • Algorithm Predicts Bacteria Coutermoves
  • An Organic Approach to Controlled Polymerization
  • Genetic Algorithm Fuels Hope for Natural-Gas Vehicles
  • Scientists Bulletproof Li-Ion Batteries


  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Chemical Engineers Advance Molecular Simulation
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Self-Assembled Nanofibers Sniff Out Explosives
  • Patent Update: Maintain Your Company's Trade Secrets
  • Process Safety Beacon: Who Are All These People?
  • Meeting Preview: 2015 Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
  • Profile: Allan McDonald: Remembering Challenger and Looking Forward
  • Career Corner: Get an Early Start on Planning Your Retirement
  • What's New
  • Software and Information Technology
  • Product Digest: Engineering Services
  • Books
  • Calendars
  • Institute News:
    • AIChE Elects New Fellows
    • Minority Affairs Committee Turns 25
    • AIChE and CCPS Offer Recommendations for Establishing Process Safety Investigation Boards

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