Attend VLS's 5th Anniversary Meeting Online

You are invited to attend the January 22 Virtual Local Section Meeting and celebrate the start of the VLS's fifth year of "supporting chemical engineers regardless of geography."  This month's topic will focus on exploring the experiment in progress, the virtual local section, and discuss some recommendations for new areas where the virtual local section may want to explore. The meeting will be led by Dan Lambert, but Dan will be soliciting input from meeting attendees, so a dialogue is requested. 

If you would like to join the discussion before the meeting, please check out the VLS's LinkedIn group (and please join if you aren't a member). Feel free to share your questions, comments and suggestions as we try to improve the VLS and make it more useful to our members and guests.

Click to access the meeting online. 

Call-in Number: +1 201 479 4595

About Dan Lambert

Dan Lambert is the founding chair of the Virtual Local Section. He works at the Savannah River National Lab where he leads research for processing of high level radioactive waste. He and his wife Nancy have lived in Aiken SC for over 28 years. Dan's two sons are both ChE graduates of the University of South Carolina. He is an AIChE Fellow, a member of the Board of Directors, past chair of the Central Savannah River Local Section, past chair of the Nuclear Engineering Division, and past chair of the Career and Education Operating Council. Dan is active in his church, the United Way, the Galactosemia Foundation Research Team, and the Family Y.  


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