Women in Chemical Technology: Chris Meda, President and CEO of RxDxLink

11/13   in the series Women in Chemical Technology

Earning a degree is just the start, according to Chris Meda. Building a career takes a lot of meeting people, trying new things, and applying yourself. Hear about her start, her mentors, and how she climbed the ladder. Meda is the president and CEO of RxDxLink, a consulting firm that serves start-up, early-stage, and small biotechnology companies in the diagnostic, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. Among other recent positions Meda has held, she was the CEO and president of Arcxis Biotechnologies and president of Response Genetics. She is also the chair of the San Francisco chapter of Women In Bio. She earned an M.S. from Michigan State University and a B.S. from Potsdam University.

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