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Earthshift is a provider of software, training, and consulting that enables companies to make informed decisions and create policies related to sustainability. They have a Start Some Good campaign to raise money to create a comprehensive methodology for companies to use when making decisions related to sustainability. They are holding a workshop in April 2014 to discuss sustainability methodologies develop standards around them. The background is described by Earthshift:

Assessing the sustainability of one solution or policy over another is rarely a simple issue. Alternatives are often better in one aspect of sustainability, say human health or ecotoxicity, and worse in another. Seldom does a single alternative satisfy all stakeholders. To address this need, numerous Multi-Critieria Decision Analysis (MCDA) methodologies are being used to help industry, NGOs and governmental policy-makers assess the sustainability of decisions and policies. These methodologies appear to be converging around several concepts: stakeholder engagement and value-based assessment to name two. However, with so many different concepts being discussed in different terms by different organizations, there is no apparent consensus on methodology. This leaves organizations searching for a solution having to wade through the different methodologies before they can even start to apply them.

AIChE's Institute for Sustainability has generously supported this campaign with a donation of $2,000. Earthshift is asking for your support in helping to make this happen.

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