BP's Energy Outlook For 2035 - US Energy Self-Sufficient

BP's 2014 Energy Outlook 2035 is the company's long-term projection for the world's energy future. The big picture shows that global energy demand continues to grow, but growth is slowing and will mainly be driven by emerging economies, led by China and India. So global carbon dioxide emissions are still expected to grow by 29%. Watch the video to see what else BP thinks 2035 could bring. Choice tidbits include: the US will provide for all its own energy needs by 2035 as output of shale oil and gas accelerates and demand growth slows. The country, which became the world's biggest producer of liquid energy last year, will produce more gas and coal than it consumes. Shares of the major fossil fuels are converging, with oil, natural gas, and coal each expected to make up around 27% of the total mix by 2035 and the remaining share coming from nuclear, hydroelectricity, and renewables. "This process shows the power of economic forces and competition," said BP Chief Economist Christof R?hl. "Put simply, people are finding ways to use energy more efficiently because it saves them money. This is also good for the environment - the less energy we use, the less carbon we emit. For example, CO2 emissions in the US are back at 1990s levels." See Mr R?hl's detailed interview, a graph-laded PDF, and an article R?hl wrote for the Financial Times.

Does BP underestimate growth for solar and wind?

Images: various, BP Facebook