Seeking Judges for Undergraduate Student Poster Competition

Good News The good news is that we have about 270 entries into the Undergraduate Poster Competition in San Francisco. I thank all of you for promoting this event.

Bad News

The bad news is that we need a large number of judges to have every poster judged by multiple judges (Our goal is to have 3 judges per poster and ca. 10 posters per judge). I am trying every possible venue to find the necessary volunteers, but it is not going to be easy... So, I am requesting your help. I urge you to volunteer and/or convince more of the YP's to help out. The Poster Competition is an excellent place to interact with bright, motivated young researchers who are eager to tell you about their work. The students greatly appreciate involvement of professional members.


The Undergraduate Student Poster Competition will take place Monday, November 4, from 10:00am until 12:30pm. Judging must be finished by 12:00pm, so that we can process the results and hand out awards.

Easy ways to sign up as judge

1) Through this Google Docs form OR 2) Send an email to with your name, email, affiliation, and preferred judging category/categories. We modeled the categories after the AIChE Divisions, so you can name your favorite Division.