Chat with AIChE Presidential Candidates at Virtual Local Section Meeting

On June 27 the Virtual Local Section Meeting will host two 2014 AIChE Presidential Candidates, Cheryl I. Teich and Philip W. Winkler, who will discuss their vision for AIChE. Help fuel the conversation with your own questions!

This is a great opportunity to learn about candidates and become an more informed voter. To make the meeting fair for both candidates, each will have the opportunity to answer every question. There will be no debating, just a friendly sharing of ideas and plans. You can view each candidate's position statement on the VLS website.

Be the first to post a (legit) question for candidates below and win a VLS coffee mug!

Join us through this link Thursday, June 27 at 09:00 pm -10:00 pm ET.


A great mug-worthy question! : ) I'll pass this on as a question to be asked at the meeting and will get your info by email so a mug can be sent to you!

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Can AIChE's resources change, evolve, or introduce newer membership from the the newer cross-pollination of fields? With SBE and the sustainable institutes, the increase of the Biomedical Engineering technologies and "green" technologies have been addressed. But could AIChE be able to handle other increases in areas of IT using the newest Net2.0 technologies on pipeline monitoring, Big Data technologies applied to supply chain and marketing or even mechanical maintenance to predict the optimal time to replace or maintain equipment. With the newer technologies combining different technologies and fields, they are able to solve problems in different industries. Could AIChE be harnessed for information for non-chemical engineers who are looking to solve various problems related to chemical engineering?