Celebrating The Science and Art of Beer

Let's celebrate beer making, the science of beer, the high art of beer. It's a very old process, beginning around 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia, though we probably couldn't stomach that grog today. Fortunately, from this humble past (I feel a creation myth sneaking up), a scientific process has evolved through generations of brewers.

To craft the astounding variety of modern beers, today's chemical engineers integrate the age-old and practical with science and whole system thinking. This fraternity of hop-dusted, brewer alchemists all consider the process, the supply chain, waste management, environmental and health implications, as well as economics before a modern beer graces a brewpub chalkboard. Watch and enjoy how this science and art is practiced today.

Have you ever brewed your own beer?

Image: Glass of beer, Norrin strange/wikicommons


I am a ChE and have been brewing for about 20 years. I have not only simulated the process, but I built a small 15 gallon brewing system based on the simulations and automated it with a PID loop and a few other specialized controllers. Its the most fun I've had doing work :) Aaron Herrick Manager of Development Chemstations, Inc.

Aaron, Any interest in sharing some of what you do with readers? Maybe a few pics and a few lines of description? Always fun to see chemical engineers and their hobbies—especially those involving brewing! Let me know either way here and I'll send contact info if you'd like to send some pics for ChEnected. Douglas

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There's no downside. I say do it.

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How can I get a peek at this?