Chemical Engineering Starting Salaries Rank Among Highest in U.S.

Yet again, the NACE annual Salary Survey found that U.S. engineering majors earn the highest salary among all college majors. And perhaps no surprise in a country desperate for STEM graduates, seven of the top ten highest-earning jobs were claimed by engineering majors. By far, petroleum engineering majors received the top starting salaries with an average of $93,500, more than $20,000 above the second highest-paid major, computer engineering at $71,700. Chemical engineering starting positions ranked third in the list ($67,600), followed by aerospace/aeronautical/astronautical engineering ($64,400), mechanical engineering ($64,000), electrical/electronics and communications engineering ($63,400), and engineering technology ($62,200). The top-paying non-engineering majors are computer science, with an average starting salary of $64,800, followed by management information systems/business ($63,100) and finance ($57,400).

More chemical engineering salary statistics to come

The results of AIChE's biannual Salary Survey will appear in the June issue of CEP Magazine, and we'll be sharing more information on chemical engineering salaries and benefits from the survey in upcoming posts. Keep an eye out next week for more. In the meantime, you can find more details from the NACE survey here.


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