Teaching Safety in University Settings - GCPS Event

Process safety and a safety culture are needed in our higher education system for many reasons. They are needed to meet new ABET requirements, to meet the expectations of our industrial constituents, to prepare our students to become responsible engineers, and to enable safe learning and research environments in our own teaching and research spaces. This session, during the Global Congress on Process Safety will help attendees understand why safety education is needed in the university setting and how they can use existing resources to easily and effectively tailor a program to their unique needs.

This workshop-style session will expose attendees to key process safety concepts and provide awareness of the many resources available for use. Existing, successful programs will also be reviewed, instructors will introduce and discuss the key concepts of process safety, how they can be presented across the chemical engineering curriculum. Participants will develop a strategy for incorporating safety education in their classrooms, laboratories and/or departments.

AIChE President Dr. Phil Westmoreland encourages the importance of participating in university process safety education. Read his message here.

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