Highlight an AIChE Subcommittee: Local Sections Committee

By: Amanda Robben The Local Sections Committee (LSC) is a subcommittee under the Career and Education Operating Council (CEOC). Our main goal is to support the AIChE Local Sections by being a resource for local section leaders to rely on when needed, in addition to facilitating open communications between local sections and headquarters. The LSC holds monthly teleconferences for local section leaders and all local section leaders are invited to attend. At these teleconferences we discuss topics that are of interest to local sections, like how to get volunteers or chose a topic for a meeting. Interestingly, many local sections across the country are being led by young professionals. We have also recently started holding regional teleconferences to allow local section leaders who are geographically closer to have more in-depth discussion of their issues and share their successes. The LSC is currently planning its second Local Section Leaders' Workshop (LSLW). The LSLW will be held the weekend before the Spring Meeting in San Antonio, TX, next year. The workshop is a chance for local section leaders to meet in person, discuss issues, and learn what other sections are doing. It is also a chance for local section leaders to build a support network among themselves so they can rely on others while leading their section. Again, all local section leaders are invited to attend the LSLW. Please contact Brian Daly for more information.