December 2012 CEP Preview


  • SBE Update: The Merging of Bio and Nano
  • Chemical Engineering at the Intersection of Nanotechnology and Biology
    Chemical engineers are at the forefront of this rapidly developing field, with the potential to propel discoveries from the bench to bedside.
  • A MagDot-Nanoconveyor Assay Detects and Isolates Molecular Biomarkers
    The ability to quickly analyze, separate, and manipulate multiple types of biomarkers from small sample volumes is a significant step toward personalized medicine.
  • Engineered Protein Templates Synthesize Inorganic Nanomaterials
    This powerful biomimetic method is a fast, flexible way to produce a wide range of inorganic nanostructures from a single protein scaffold.

ENERGY: Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency (click here to read this article now)
Managing the energy consumption of a process does not need to be complicated. Here are some examples of less-complicated strategies.

BACK TO BASICS: Use Guided-Wave Radar to Measure Water Level in Steam Loops
Guided-wave radar (GWR) is a useful tool for measuring water level in steam loops. This article describes GWR design and operation, and how this technology differs from more traditional forms of level indication.

GLOBAL OUTLOOK: Changes: The Evolution of the Chemicals Industry in the U.K.
Rumors of the demise of the U.K. chemicals industry are greatly exaggerated.

News: Oxide Catalysts Get Selective ... New Catalyst Challenges Platinum ... Quick-Release Tape Peels with Ease ... Electronic Skin Mimics the Human Epidermis ... Carbon Nanotubes Straighten Up ... Coming Soon: Gold Jewelry in Rainbow Colors ... Genetic Mutant Delivers More Biofuels ... Algal Biofuels: Not Yet Ready for Prime Time

Plus: Letters ... What's New ... Process Automation Corner: The 12th Pharmaceutical Process Analysis Roundtable ... Product Digest: Fluids Handing ... Process Safety Beacon: Good Housekeeping for Safety ... Software ... Books ... Institute News: 2012 Annual Meeting; President's Corner; Divisions and Forums Present Honors; Election Results; Member News; Calendar ... Profile: A Rock Star Among ChEs

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