Tough Questions Answered at 2012 ChemE Jeopardy

The 2012 edition of National ChemE Jeopardy took place from 4:00 to 6:30 at the 2012 AIChE Student Conference. For the 1st round, the nine participating teams were split into three rooms as answered questions from the categories, which are listed below.

Round One Categories

Three Rooms of 9 Teams

Room 301/302:

  • Texas Tech
  • University of Iowa
  • Bucknell University

Room 303/304:

  • University of Utah
  • University of Maine
  • Oregon State

Room 305/306:

  • University of Cincinnati
  • Texas A&M
  • New Mexico State

The final round was played by the winners of Round One, Oregon State, University of Cincinatti, and University of Iowa. The categories for the final round are listed below.

Oregon State University 2012 ChemE Jeopardy Team

University of Iowa 2012 ChemE Jeopardy Team

Final Round Categories

The winner of this year's ChemE Jeopardy is the University of Cincinnati!

University of Cincinnati ChemE Jeopardy Team & Winners!

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