Student Welcome Kicks Off Conference

The 2012 AIChE Student Conference kicked off this morning in Pittsburgh. Students were welcomed by Tim Raymond of Bucknell, who serves as the Student Chapters Executive Committee chair. He noted that this year was a first: Chem-E-Car this year welcomes international contestants from Texas A&M, Qatar. The only other international contestants to ever compete in the Chem-E-Car competition are those from Monterray Tech in Mexico, which has sent participants for years as part of the Southwest region.

2012 AIChE President Dave Rosenthal greeted students and shared a few thoughts on the future of chemical engineering. He dubbed the latest generation of chemical engineers the "shale gas generation," referring to the considerable opportunities shale gas represents to young engineers. He also pointed out that AIChE was one of the places that would help young engineers find the skills to make the most of these opportunities. Events such as Chem-E-Car, he noted, are great ways to have fun and prepare for real-world situations and challenges.

Emily McLaughlin of New Mexico State University also addressed students in her new role as Executive Student Committee chair.