Presentations for Graduating Students by YPC

By: Kendall Fosse

The Young Professional Committee is proud to present a number of outstanding presentations, tailored specifically for graduating chemical engineers, at the upcoming Annual Student Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, beginning on Friday, October 26.

Attend a panel discussion on the career opportunities available today and the merits of graduate school, where you will have an opportunity to ask professionals in industry and academia about their graduate school experiences. If you are interested in saving for the future, attend a talk on tips for wealth management from young engineering professionals tailored for the engineer just entering the work force. Another presentation will highlight the many opportunities for personal and professional advancement available at AIChE to not only build your resume but also cement your career as an engineering professional. In addition, consider attending our presentation detailing some of the more prominent chemical disasters and how they have shaped our industry's view of safety in recent years.

This is only a small sample of the presentations and events we have planned for this year's student conference.

We look forward to seeing you there!