YPAB Latest News

By: Kate Gawel


After a very successful Spring Meeting, YPAB has shifted its focus to working on details for this year's Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. There are many updates, from YPAB volunteer positions, to its future name of YPC. Please see the highlights below for the latest in YPAB News.


Open YPAB Positions

YPAB currently has a number of leadership positions that we are looking to fill for the 2012-2013 year. If you are interested in getting more involved, please see the article titled "YPAB Open Positions: Call for YP Volunteers" or email Kate Gawel at ypab@aiche.org. The deadline for the second round of applications is Friday, May 25th. After this deadline applications will be accepted and positions filled on a rolling basis.

Join a YPAB Subcommittee

Five YPAB subcommittees are currently accepting members interested in participating in subcommittee initiatives. These subcommittees are:

  • Local Sections & Executive Student Committee (ESC) Subcommittee
  • Programming Subcommittee
  • Publication Subcommittee
  • Retention & Recruitment Subcommittee
  • Global Student Competition Subcommittee

If you are interested in finding out more, please see the article titled "YPAB Open Positions: Call for YP Volunteers" or email Kate Gawel at ypab@aiche.org.

Next Conference Call

YPAB conference calls have been moved to the second Friday of the month from 12-1pm ET. Our next conference call is tentatively scheduled for July 13th. If you are interested in participating in the call or would like to find out more information about what YPAB is currently working on, please email Kate Gawel at ypab@aiche.org to be added to our listserv. Once on our listserv, you will receive meeting notices for each month's conference call as well as meeting minutes after the call.

2012 Annual Conference

Currently YPAB is focusing a lot of effort on the 2012 Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, October 28 through November 2. We are currently working on finalizing YPAB co-sponsored sessions and planning a YP mixer. If you are interested in finding out more about the 2012 Annual Conference, or are interested in helping to plan YP events for the 2013 Annual Conference in San Francisco, please contact the Programming Subcommittee Chair, Meagan Lewis at melewis25@gmail.com.

2012 Annual Student Conference

YPAB is working on planning a number of career sessions as well as a few other activities at the 2012 Annual Student Conference in Pittsburgh on October 26 through October 29. If you are interested in getting more involved, please contact Programming Subcommittee Chair Meagan Lewis at melewis25@gmail.com.

Transition to Young Professionals Committee (YPC)

The YPC By-Laws are currently under review by the By-Laws committee and are on track to be reviewed at the Board of Directors meeting in June. For more information about why we are transitioning from an "Advisory Board" to a "Committee," please see the article in the last edition of the YP newsletter titled "The Transition from YPAB to YPC: How Does It Affect Me?".

AIChE Young Professional Newsletter

YPAB hopes to continue to publish newsletters on a quarterly basis. We are looking for volunteers interested in helping with the newsletter either by writing articles or editing them. We also would like to include more information about what YP local sections across the country are doing in our future Upcoming Local YP Section Events articles. If you are interested in volunteering or advertising future programming in the newsletter, please email the Publications Subcommittee Chair, Elizabeth Horahan, at aicheypnews@gmail.com.