Highlight an AIChE Publication – Positive Displacement Pumps: A Guide to Performance Evaluation

The first edition of Positive Displacement Pumps: A Guide to Performance Evaluation was published in 2007 by AIChE's Equipment Testing Procedures Committee (ETPC). The ETPC's goal is to release or update at least one testing procedure each year. For more information about the ETPC, please see the article in this edition of the YP Newsletter - "What Is the ETPC?" The book is a reference for testing methods (both traditional and state-of-the-art) for positive displacement pumps. The advantage of this book for working professionals is that it is an assembly of testing practises that are "based on technical know-how, practical experience, and academic theory," and a bit more than than you would get from a manufacturer's guide. The book includes guidance for troubleshooting as well. Some of the pumps explored in this book are: rotary pumps, progressive cavity pumps, air-operated diaphragm pumps and reciprocating positive displacement pumps. For more information on this publication, and to read an excerpt, please click here.