ARPA-E's Arun Majumdar Shares Energy Innovation Success Stories

Arun Majumdar, ARPA-E's Director, gave the Keynote speech at the third annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, where key players from across the energy ecosystem came together to share ideas for developing and deploying the next generation of clean energy technologies. Although over 180 companies and universities have received ARPA-E grants, Majumdar highlighted eight companies currently developing disruptive technologies that, if successful, could create entirely new industries, ranging from advanced biofuels and lithium-ion batteries to grid storage and carbon capture. Check out the video in the panel at the right. To speed ahead to specific subjets see the following:

  1. 7:22 Biofuels- University of Florida, Lawerence Berekely Lab, OpxBio
  2. 11:50 Lithium-ion batteries - Envia, Polyplus
  3. 14:24 Carbon capture - Codexis
  4. 17:20 grid storage and transformers- 24m Technologies, Cree
  5. 22:20 Efficiency - Sheetak

Click on this interactive ARPA-E map to locate projects in different energy sectors.

Is this the Manhattan Project for the 21st Century?

Images: Arun Majumdar, Ken Shipp; ARPA-E logo, via Flickr