Boil's Laws — ChE's Rather Spell Chemical Names than Surnames? [Funny Bone]

Welcome to the tenth comic in the Boil's Laws comic strip series, brought to ChEnected by artist and chemical engineer Rich Byrnes.

You can see a or the first in the series here. Read about the inspiration behind Boil's Laws here. Read all the comics here.

Do you fare better spelling chemical names, compared to surnames?


Rich Byrnes's picture

Too bad spell check is no help with Chemical or Surnames names ..... ;-) Since most engineers appreciate the paradoxical scenes in the art work of M.C. Escher, I thought the ChEnected audience would enjoy this comic’s artistic “allusion” to his work "Drawing Hands".

Marty Rose's picture

Hey Rich, just read about you in Chemical Engineering Progress April edition- nice writeup. Checked out your webpage and your cartoons - very nice work! Didn't know you were so talented. Hope all is well at King. Best regards, Marty Rose, AcuTech Consulting

Rich Byrnes's picture

Hi Marty, Great to hear from you! Yes, I enjoyed being interviewed for the CEP article, and it came out very nicely. Regarding the cartoons, I would have never guessed I would be doing such a thing, it’s a blast..... and, I appreciate what the AIChE is doing, giving all their "artist" a chance to contribute to this Blog. Say hello to the guys at Acu Tech, and thanks for helping us maintain PSM compliance. Rich