National Engineers Week: Giving Back

Since this year's theme for National Engineers Week is 7 billion people, 7 billion dreams, 7 billion chances for engineers to turn dreams into reality, it seems like a just the right time to take a look at how Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is helping transform the world, one village and one project at a time.


Five students from the Princeton EWBs traveled to Ashaiman, Ghana, for two months in 2011 to finish the construction of a community library. After having already helped to design and construct the new building, these engineers completed the project by equipping it with electric lighting and fans, 37 netbooks and a charging station, and more than 7,000 labeled and catalogued books.


Next, watch a great video documenting the efforts of engineers from Georgia Tech during their second trip to Mungoa-goa, Cameroon, where they worked on a water distribution project.


Prof. Mark Talesnick of the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel wants to use EWBs to create leaders, because, he says,"Engineers and scientists are left out of shaping our society, and this type of program brings out the engineering leaders."


Residents in the Kenyan village of Namawanga have a new, clean source of drinking water, thanks to the UMass Amherst chapter of Engineers Without Borders. The volunteer student chapter raised $15,000 and installed a deep-bore well, an achievement celebrated with great joy by the community. To learn more about National Engineers Week, see this article. And follow these links learn more about Engineers Without Borders in the US, or about the organization in other countries.

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Graphic: National Engineers Week Foundation