"Investigative Report" on Why Students Choose Chemical Engineering [Humor]

For a humorous look at the undergraduate decisions that every chemical engineer makes, check out this tongue-in-cheek "investigative report" on why student students choose chemical engineering as a major. You can watch the video in the panel to the right.

Do you agree with their profile of chemical engineers?


Rich Byrnes's picture

Bravo! Yes I do agree with the profile of us ChE’s. Although it has been a “few” years since I was an undergraduate, I’m happy to know that the thermodynamic forces that compel folks to become ChE’s have not changed much over the years. What we create, how we create it, what we manufacture as ChE’s, and how these products impact the daily lives of people across the globe, generally seems “Alien” to most people. Why one would subject themselves to such a “torturous” and “rigorous” curriculum is also quite “Alien” to most…… I guess the film producers are correct, we are Aliens after all….. Well Done!