Highlight a Benefit: Webinars

By: Christine

Curran John F Kennedy once said, "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." As a chemical engineer, you are a lifelong student. Let's face it - your college degree likely did not cover the intricacies of what your current job function requires. There are constantly new technologies, government regulations, and industry standards to learn. Additionally, as a young professional, you are learning the corporate culture, organizational structure, and the hundreds of acronyms that are supposed to make your life easier. It can become overwhelming! Luckily, AIChE makes learning simple and fun through online webinars. AIChE sends its members emails in order to highlight new webinars about biweekly. Each new webinar is usually relevant to current events regarding the latest industry trends, technologies, and regulations and generally last one hour. The speaker will typically be a professor or professional expert, and viewers are encouraged to participate by asking questions. For example, former AIChE president Dr. Scott Folger presented on non-isothermal reactor design engineering on January 4 from 2-3 pm. Please note that not all the webinars are technical in nature. There are many webinars on professional development, business, and volunteering. Like your TiVo at home, there is also an option to watch archived material. ChemE on Demand holds hundreds of historical webinar videos on aiche.org. As an AIChE professional member you are allowed six FREE credits, worth over $700, good for live or archived content in ChemE on Demand each year. Tell your collegiate friends: undergrad student members get free unlimited access to ALL archived content. The following are brief descriptions of the top 5 most viewed videos, but be sure to visit the site for you to check out the large library of chemical engineering videos. There is a useful search bar to narrow your search by industry or category. Top Five AIChE Webinars of ALL TIME

  1. Spreadsheet Techniques and Problem-Solving for Chemical Engineers: Dr. David Clough discusses efficient spreadsheet creation and problem solving tips.
  2. Six Sigma for Chemical Engineers: Dr. George Liebermann presents on the Six Sigma technique, including several real case studies.
  3. Fukushima Daiichi - How We Got Here and Where We're Going: Dr. Stuart Arm explains the technical details of the March 2011 Japanese nuclear power plant disaster and engineering lessons learned.
  4. An Introduction to Methods of Process Safety Hazard Assessment: Dr. Randy Freeman provides a thorough outline to the important subject of process safety.
  5. Piping and Instrumentation Drawings: Barry Barkel presents how read and interpret P&ID's including discussion on design, environmental and safety reviews.

AIChE Webinars are great resources for experienced engineers as well. Be sure to take advantage of the free member credits annually: pop some popcorn and enjoy the presentations!