William Koros of Georgia Institute of Technology Interviewed about Membranes and Sorbents

William Koros of The Georgia Institute of Technology presented the 2011 AIChE Annual Institute Lecture "Beyond Water: Expanding the Spectrum of Efficient Large Scale Separations." Before the lecture, he had a chance to sit down and speak with CEP (Chemical Engineering Progress) Editor-in-Chief Cindy Mascone and discuss his presentation, specifically the dynamic duo of separations--membranes and sorbents. Watch the interview in the video panel to the right. For more information, see Dr. Koros' abstract.


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Prof. Bill Koros pointed out the two critical elements in advancing the separating properties of the membrane and sorbent, i.e. materials and process modeling. The importance of materials is obvious, but process modeling has been well-less idetified as a critically important approach in revealing how to improve the materials performance to finally make energy-efficient separation a reality. It is truly an additional direction for people not yet noticed it. Process modeling provides a big picture of the role of the material performance in realizing energy- and cost-savings in separation, thus creating a roadmap in developing the desired materials.