Graduating ChemEs Outrank All Other Majors in Spring 2011 Salary Survey [Quick Poll]

It seems that chemical engineers graduating with a bachelor's degree this spring are leaving other majors in the dust.

According to NACE--National Association of Colleges and Employers--ChemEs top the list with a salary of $66,886. Engineering-related majors performed well in their survey, claiming 7 of the top 10 spots. NACE's quarterly survey, available for purchase on their site, also reveals a 5.9% jump in salaries for graduates, averaging out at $50,462. Last year's survey--blogged about here--placed ChemEs at the top of the list as well. Look for more post related to salary (and benefits) in the near future in preparation for AIChE's 2011 salary survey. In the meantime, weather you've recently graduated or you did a while back, are/were you feelin' the love? Take our Quick Poll.


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