Gustavo Amaral of Petrobras Interviewed at 2011 Global Congress on Process Safety [On Location]

Gustavo Amaral is the Upstream Senior Vice President for Petrobras America, Inc. and the keynote speaker for the 7th Annual Global Congress on Process Safety. Center for Chemical

Process Safety Manager Roxy Schneider had a chance to sit down with Gustavo and his colleague Rui Fonseca for an interview after the keynote speech on Monday. You can watch this interview in the video panel on the right.

A Bit about Petrobras and Gustavo's Keynote

Petrobras is an integrated energy company, employing more than 80,000 people. In his keynote, Gustavo pointed out that more than 50% of the needed oil supply must come from reserves yet to be discovered or recent finds still under evaluation.

Understanding this demand, Petrobras is committed to integrating growth, profitability, and social and environmental responsibility.

How will Petrobras achieve this? Gustavo discussed how the commitment described above is strongly linked to the following 3 "pillars," which are listed below and shown in the slide to the left.

3 Pillars Linked Petrobras' Success:

1) Expanding Limits

2) Adding Value and Diversifying Its Products

3) Sustainability

Petrobras' Mission Statement

Perform safely and profitably, with social and environmental responsibility in national and international markets, offering products and services adequate to the needs of our clients and contributing to the development of Brazil and other countries where Petrobras operates.

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What do you think of how Petrobras has integrated health, safety, and the environment with its strategic plan?