Google Wishes Creator of Bunsen Burner Happy 200th Birthday

Robert Bunsen was a German chemist born on March 30, 1811. Google is celebrating his 200th birthday by dedicating their logo to the Bunsen burner, which he developed with his laboratory assistant, Peter Desagg.

Clicking on the logo on Google's home page will take you to search results for Robert Bunsen.

In the video above, you can see that the animation of the bunsen burner logo changes slightly with mouseover.

Robert Bunsen discovered cesium and rubidium (in 1860 and 1861) with Gustav Kirchhoff and researched the emission spectra of heated elements. He also worked on photochemistry and multiple gas-analytical methods, among many other things. I wonder if he could have ever imagined he would be commemorated 200 hundred years later on something called a website search engine company worth multiple billions of dollars! I'm glad Google threw some love to the world of chemists and chemical engineers.

Are you surprised by Google's move?