National Chemistry Week

This year's National Chemistry Week is October 17-23 - concluding on mole day. National Chemistry Week evolved from National Chemistry Day which was first recognized in 1987. National Chemistry Day soon expanded into a biannual event beginning in 1989 and was finally celebrated annually beginning in 1993.

This year's theme "Behind the Scenes with Chemistry!" is inspired by shows like Mythbusters and books that bring to light the "how it done" elements that show how chemistry is responsible for the "magic" or the "unexplained".

The Mission of National Chemistry Week sponsored by the American Chemical Society is:

  • Make a positive change in the public's impression of chemistry;
  • Promote a mechanism for effectively mobilizing ACS local sections; and
  • Motivate the ACS membership through local section activities.

This year's National Chemistry Week coincides with the Inaugural USA Science and Engineering Festival (10/10-10/24) taking place at the National Mall in Washington, DC.

What are you doing to celebrate National Chemistry Week?



ehorahan's picture

I brought gumdrops and toothpicks to work and encouraged co-workers to make "molecules" out of them.