Lend a Hand while you’re in Salt Lake City

Volunteers Needed to Lead Hands-On Lessons in a Local Middle School

AIChE's K-12 Outreach Committee is conducting an on-site learning exercise designed to introduce middle school students to chemical engineering. Volunteers are needed to lead individual classroom sessions on Monday, November 8 at 9AM.

The goal of this visit is to introduce all the 7th and 8th grade students at the Bryant Middle School to chemical engineering. Classroom leaders will be able to introduce students to engineering as a career and help them understand what chemical engineers in particular do. You'll also lead hands-on experiments with some common household chemicals which produce unexpected results when mixed (for example, ice cream, silly putty, and super bubbles). So it's a great way to excite kids as they get close to their high school years.

AIChE has supported several schoolroom visits such as this over the last four years and participants always find it rewarding. In fact, this will be a return visit since Bryant MS hosted a pilot version of this program in 2007. That time about 18 engineers visited science classes. This year's plan is more ambitious and we need your help to cover all 25 classes so every student (7th and 8th) may participate.

For complete information and to submit your name contact Rodney Dotson or Kathy Lee.

photo via creative commons/flickr ~Ilse