Great Tool: The World's First Pocket-Sized Radar Gun

If you want to measure the speed of anything, (let your imagination go wild) just hold this small precision device in your hand, aim it at the moving object, and the answer pops up instantly in the small LCD window. There are no limits: you can clock objects as small as a golf ball or as big as a 300 mph drag racer accurately within one mile per hour. As a mater of fact, it's performance matches more expensive police scanners.


So now you've got proof if you want to harass that annoying neighborhood speeder. Pocket Radar uses a new doppler radar signal and processing system with microwave and antenna components reduced to the size of a credit card. It also has unique signal processing algorithms and state-of-the-art targeting techniques. For additional specs, here is the Pocket Radar manual. And a company promotional video (above).

Of course, you'd already realized this was perfect for sports. It really enhances watching from the stands: locking in the differences between fastballs, breaking balls and knuckle balls, totally changes the game. The accelerating velocity of a home run ball leaving the bat. Even base running. Who knows, you might even clock the velocity of a large glob of tobacco juice arcing off the mound. Track and field is a no-brainer. And golf: wouldn't it be nice to see if Tiger Wood's messy divorce had slowed down his swing. Tennis: seeing if Roger Federer's serve had slowed by the end of the match. These are usually invisible to the naked eye, but now show up with the push of a button. As a coach, you'll be able to accurately track performance from practice to game. You can also clock hard to watch sports like skate boarding or mountain biking:

You can buy it at Amazon or the Pocket Radar website for $199.00. I found this product at a website called CoolTools. It is a great place to find both low and high tech tools. It's an engineer's paradise.

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Photos and videos courtesy: Pocket Radar.