Boil's Laws - New Comic Devoted to Chemical Engineering

Welcome to the first edition in a comic strip series devoted to the profession of Chemical Engineering. It's called Boil's Laws. Below the comic, you'll find my inspiration behind Boil's Laws. You can click on the comic to .

Boil's Laws: Orientation - Personal Protective Equipment

The Inspiration Behind Boil's Laws:

Creating the Boil's Laws Comic Strip provided me an exciting opportunity to merge my life passions of Engineering and Art. Working with John Vasko of the AIChE's ChEnected blog to define what type of artistic content the website was looking for, we quickly decided a comic strip specifically aimed at the "Chemical Engineering Experience" would be awesome!

Reflecting upon my 27 years of experience as an engineer in many roles, the theme of the comic strip immediately became clear.

There is no better way to illustrate the Engineering experiences humorously than through the eyes of young chemical engineers fresh out of college "bumping" their way through the overwhelming avalanche of technical information that awaits them in Industry.

A family dinner table conversation led to a suggestion by my daughter Nicole, giving rise to the comic strip title, a pun on the famous Boyle's Law we all know from chemistry.

The character Bruno Boil the benevolent and wise mentor is inspired by the Memory of my dear friend, colleague, and engineering mentor during my early career at DuPont, Bruno Muzzi, engineering fellow, sadly he left this world too soon. There is a bit of me also in the character. The characters of the young engineers we will travel with--Lee, Dewayne, and Donna--derive their first names from three engineers that, along with me, shared the thrills of our early careers together at DuPont. My disclaimer: likenesses and behaviors of the characters do not reflect anyone with whom I know, well maybe ;-)

Many years later now as the Director of Engineering at King Industries in Norwalk CT, I see the world from the other end of the career spectrum, and can only hope that the new generation of engineers entering my department will someday see the "Bruno" in me. I hope you enjoy Boil's Laws.

See the second installment of Boil's Laws--The Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P & ID)

I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!


Serge Del Grosso's picture

This is brilliant! I think Rich is on to something - traditionally 'serious' professions rendered in comic form could spark a whole new genre fusing art and science in fun, informative and entertaining ways. Bravo!

Rich Byrnes's picture

Thanks Serge, I agree in many ways Art is a Science and Science is an Art, I think Boil's Laws will mix it up a bit, with the result of pure entertainment, fun, and thought stimulation for all..... Rich

James Byrnes's picture

This is outstanding not only Is the cartoon Informative and funny It is to educate as well .Well done Rich.

Rich Byrnes's picture

Thanks JIm, You have always been supportive of my work from our earliest days, and it was our home spun magazine we put together as kids that has some of my first illustrations in them. Thanks for providing the inspiration in both science and art. You know part of the reason I'm a ChE is this is the field you studied before me, and you seem to be having fun at it.. Now I hope all the readers of Boil's Laws wil expreince this same fun in this profession. Rich

RGCook's picture

This is great Rich, and you clearly have exceptional talent. Let's face it, Hollywood isn't making any comedies about the ChE profession and Dilbert stereotypes all engineers as hopeless pawns in a bureaucratic system run by clueless loons. There's lots of comedy in our structure, procedures and ways and means and the best way to improve is to be able to laugh at yourself. You come out the gates swinging with this Haz"whopper". Great job.

Rich Byrnes's picture

I love the Haz "Whopper" comment. I was hoping not to be too Dilbert Like in my approach, and be respectful of our craft,. I agree there are far are too many less than positive stereotypes of Engineers out there. Hopefully Boil's Laws will tap into the inherent comedy that exist in the incredible layers of regulations, procedures, instructions, practices, training, and computations that exist in our profession. I won't be looking for the Hollywood contract anytime soon. Thaks for the kind words. Rich

ehorahan's picture

This is great! I can't wait to read more!

Lauren G's picture

Very great comic strip! Looking forward to more!

Rich Byrnes's picture

Lauren, I'm glad you enjoyed the first release of Boil's Laws, and I too look forward to doing more skits. I would love to hear more feedback in the future, it helps me keep the creative process flowing. Rich

Sultan's picture

Really good stuff. This is a real fun learning. Nice work Rich Byrnes