Rudloe's Noah's Ark 2010 Could Save Gulf Species

Biologist Jack Rudloe is building a Noah's-Ark-like sanctuary for more than 350 species of Gulf sea life in Panacea, Florida (near Tallahassee).

According to Treehugger, Rudloe's decision to pursue "Operation Noah's Ark" stemmed from the real possibility of the extinction of certain species as a result of the Gulf Oil Spill and chemicals used in the clean up. He plans to keep shrimp, fish, crab, sharks, and multiple other sea life until it is safe to return them to their natural habitat. Rudloe is well known among marine biologists as an expert in his field.

The project is estimated by Rudloe to cost as much at $1.2 million and he's hoping that BP will help to fund it. Read the complete story on Treehugger.

Watch Jack Rudloe Talk about "Operation Noah's Ark":

I'm happy to see some positive news to come out of this year's Gulf disaster. It will be interesting to follow this story as it progresses.

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