Help Us Create a Logo for AIChE's New Virtual Section [Contest Announcement]

Innovation in Action: Virtual AIChE Section Offering

Local sections are the backbone of AIChE. However, not everyone is able to attend a local section meeting. If you can't attend an AIChE local section meeting because there is no local section within a 60 minute drive or the closest local section is dormant, you will soon have a new section to join. A virtual section will begin meeting via the internet starting in January 2011. Our goal is to provide the highest quality programming to support our local section members.

In order for the virtual section to be relevant, the social aspect of a local section will need to be offered. This will initially be accomplished by forming smaller subgroups that have more in common with each other such as Process Engineers, Young Professionals, Minorities, Women, Internationals, and people interested in Engineers without Borders. In addition, we will look into offering support for the unemployed and underemployed along with mentoring support for members.

If you would like more information about the virtual section, please visit the virtual section website at or contact the virtual section officers at or You can join the virtual section for free throughout 2010 and 2011 by registering at our web site. And if you would like to join our leadership team, please contact Dan Lambert at or 803-819-8466.

Help Us Create the Official Logo for AIChE's Virtual Section!

Announcing--Innovation in Action: Virtual Section Logo Contest

To support the start of the new Virtual Section within AIChE, a logo contest is being held to create the section logo and banner for the website. You are invited to submit your creative logo and/or banner design for the new Virtual Section. The Virtual Section leadership will choose the top 3-5 designs in each category. Everyone will have the opportunity to vote on the winning design.

The winners of the Virtual Section Logo Contest will receive $100.

Logo/Banner Design Guidelines

  • The logo should be high resolution.
  • The banner should be 740 pixels wide by ~200 pixels tall
  • If you are not an artist but have a good idea, submit your idea and AIChE can help with the logo.
  • Make it fun and creative.

To submit your designs, go to

There are instructions on the home page on how to submit your designs. All designs must be submitted by Thursday, September 30 at 5pm to be considered for the contest.

If you have any questions about the contest, please contact Amanda Robben at


If only I hadn't flunked out of art school I might have some ideas for a great logo. Actually I was never accepted into an art school. My art SAT scores were too low. I hope others can come through for us.

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I drew a picture of my daughter at one of those restaurants where they give you crayons and you can write on the table. I included flowers and everything. She started crying and thought I was making fun of her. Needless to say, both of our feelings were hurt. I will spare you a similar fate and get in line behind Dan.

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I think a virtual chapter is such a fantastic idea!