Run a Lunch & Learn at Your Company and Educate Your Colleagues

"In order to do more, I have to know more."

"I want to take on new responsibilities, but how do I get the background I need?"

These ideas and questions, and many like them, were what we heard when we spoke with Young Professionals about AIChE could do to help them become the chemical engineering leaders of tomorrow. Everyone recognizes the need for continuing education, and whether you go for your PE, your FE, or growth in the management ladder of your company, the only way to be ready for the responsibilities of tomorrow is to gain the requisite knowledge today. Of course, ideally, this would be done without have to go to a class or workshop after a 8-14 hour workday. To accommodate that need, AIChE is piloting a new program - the Lunch and Learn.

The program is pretty simple. In conjunction with a manager, a Young Professional can peruse the dozens of archived Webinars in AIChE's ChemE On Demand library, and find the one that will be most helpful/relevant to the fellow young professionals at the company. Reserve a meeting room and get the proper A/V equipment. AIChE will provide the Webinar for free, as well as funds for pizza and soda.

Free Lunch. Free Learning. No extra hours at work. Does it get any better?

Want to run a Lunch & Learn at your company, or just find out more information?


RC Ramaswamy's picture

Wow..this is amazing....Our LS always conducts lunch meeting with Pizza and our average attendance in around 75. With this offer from AIChE, this is going to get better. Moreover the young professionals did not have to wait for the LS to organize one such learning session and the group of 5-10 can easily get to gether and benefit from this....Good offer. Will promote within our LS....