Learn How to Turn Failure into an Advantage [Presentation]

Failure is a word no one likes to hear, especially if it's in reference to their career. It's often fear of failure that prevents people from taking risks in their career. However, it could be argued that taking risks, calculated risks, may be exactly what's necessary to turn a failure into an advantage.

Ben Yerxa, PhD, and Executive Vice President & Chief of R&D at Inspire Pharmaceuticals, presents the ChemE On Demand Webinar "Failure is an Option: Learn How to Turn Failure into an Advantage". In this Webinar, chemical engineers and science professionals will learn how to turn failures into successes, take calculated risks, and take charge of setbacks.

Below is a glimpse into Ben Yerxa's presentation. You can view the LIVE Webinar on ChemE On Demand Wednesday, July 28 at 2:00 p.m.


I listened in on this webinar today. I thought it was great! It wasn't exactly what I expected, but the speaker had some interesting examples from his own life and spoke a little about the psychology behind decisions. My favorite point (and one that isn't emphasized enough these days): Sunk costs are never a good justification to continue with a project or decision. You need to take those out of the equation and consider the project or situation by itself.