Negotiating a New Position [Presentation]

You've had two rounds of initial interviews for a job at a company you're really excited about. It seems they like you and that there's a strong possibility that in your next interview, it may get to the job offer stage.

  • If this is your first "real" job, isn't it best just to accept the offer? After all, you do need the experience and they've probably got salary standards they need to adhere by.
  • Or should you come in 15 percent higher and then settle somewhere in the middle?
  • What else should be negotiated?

In addition to negotiating your salary, it's important for you and your potential future employer to agree on what is expected of you today, what will be expected of you in the future, and what the current market value is of the position in question. What will your future salary increases depend on? published an article entitled The New Salary Negotiation Guide where they detail on of the first steps of negotiation, entitled Agree on a Benchmark Job:

You and your employer compare your job description to that of a benchmark job. Your responsibilities should be at least a 70 percent match to those of the benchmark position. Chances are, your employer has already done this. Make sure you know what job the company has compared yours to, and understand any discrepancies between their idea of your level and your own.

How Do You Become a Skilled Negotiator?

Ron Elsdon is author, consultant, chemical engineer, and Ph.D. and founder of Elsdon Organizational Renewal. He has had more than 25 years experience helping organizations to operate more efficiently from a human resource standpoint and helping individuals succeed in in their careers. In his presentation, Negotiating for a New Position, he illustrates the groundwork necessary to improve negotiation skills and provides a better understanding of knowing what is negotiable and what is not. In this archived ChemE On Demand Webinar, Elsdon teaches the viewer how to better establish their potential value within an organization in order to negotiate a better salary, perks, and future benefits.

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