Knights of the Periodic Table is a ChE Contribution to Iowa State's VEISHEA

Iowa State University like any other large college loves its parties, but one takes special significance. VEISHEA is one of the largest student organized events in the country and has been celebrated for the last 88 years. For at least 30 of those years (as far back as our records go) the chemistry club at ISU has contributed to the festivities with a short chemistry demonstration. Over the years it has evolved into a production with action and romance, chemistry and comedy, explosions and empirical formulas. Last year there were three showings all to a full house of about 300 people. I would like to offer you all in the ChEnected community to take part in the fun. It is with great pride I present the Society for Chemistry Undergraduate Major's VEISHEA 2009 production "The Knights of the Periodic Table"

This logo, used by VEISHEA, displays many trad...

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My favorite character is the wizard ;)