John Kanzius Water Fuel Cell – What Happened?

John Kanzius was an inventor researching a treatment for cancer, his own cancer. Before his death of pneumonia in February of 2009, he made a discovery related to saltwater and fuel while researching cancer treatment. This from Wikipedia:

Later in 2007, Kanzius announced that the same radio frequency transmitter can also be used to generate a hydrogen-oxygen mixture dissociated from salt water.[14][17] The discovery was made accidentally while he was researching the use of radio waves for desalination. Kanzius said that "In this case we weren't looking for energy, we were looking for something that might do desalinization. The more we tried desalinization, the more heat we produced, until we got fire".[17] Kanzius admitted that this process could not be considered an energy source, as more energy is used to produce the RF signal than can be obtained from the burning gas and stated in July 2007 that he never claimed his discovery would replace oil, asserting only that his discovery was "thought provoking."[18] The details of the process are still unreleased pending the issuance of a patent.

Real the complete entry on John Kanzius.

Wouldn't it be ironic if the very saltwater now being polluted by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill could one day be the source of new energy? Has anyone heard about further developments of this?


Thats really neat! It is great how research in one area can translate into advances in completely different areas. I had heard some cancer research similar about inputting small ball bearings into a patient's brain who had brain tumors and using magnets to stear them to the tumor location.

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Very interesting..I wish we could analyze his findings little more and make it practically feasbile. Solve a lot of problems. BTW, what happened to the hydrogen?