Who Knew Chemicals Could Have So Much Fun? [Video]

I literally stumbled upon this video-Chemical Party-while using ChEnected's Stumble Upon account. It's a very clever and funny video created by Marie Curie Actions, a site created by the European Commission on Research, to promote research careers to young people. Here they talk about their ITN, Initial Training Networks, which offer young and novice researches an opportunity to improve their skills and work with more advanced research teams.

Marie Curie Actions dedicates itself to keeping research careers attractive to a younger audience as it is vital to the future of Europe. I think they do a great job with their video "Chemical Party", courtesy of EUtube. Here's their description:

Marie Curie is proud to present: "Chemicals having a party". Sexy carbons, bored noble gases, explosive reactions.


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That video is great! I wish I was a chemistry teacher so I could show it to my class! I loved when Potassium and Water get into a fight!