A Framework to Examine Sustainability of Various Biorefining Processes | AIChE

A Framework to Examine Sustainability of Various Biorefining Processes


Badurdeen, F., University of Kentucky
Faulkner, W., University of Kentucky

As recent research is exploring possibilities for developing renewable bio-based fuel, there arises a need for a decision support tool that can simultaneously analyze impacts of various processes involved, justifying the future investment towards any particular process. Considering the challenges inherited due to the inclusion of biomass as feedstock, a model is developed and presented in this poster demonstrating novel multidisciplinary approach in creating a framework for comparing various processes and analyzing their upstream and downstream supply chain effects. This contribution shows developing, interfacing and linking of various optimization models utilizing supply chain optimization and process systems engineering skills. The resulting model is unique and informative in assisting policy makers and various stakeholders for evaluating sustainability of biofuels in any given region. To illustrate its applicability, generalizability and to examine economic, environmental and societal impact, a case study is performed in the Jackson Purchase Region in Western Kentucky.