Learn How AIChE Career Discovery Can Benefit You

Attendees of the Intro to Career Discovery Workshop at the 2022 Annual Meeting

Looking for some insight into the next step in your engineering career? AIChE Career Discovery, as part of the Institute for Learning and Innovation (ILI), offers opportunities to explore and find a path forward for your career.

The Career Discovery Workshop is a great jumping off point and is offered virtually or in person at our meetings. Participants in this workshop will assess their current professional skills as feedback for career planning and identify new, future career opportunities and the new skills necessary to achieve them. Besides the workshop, Career Discovery offers many more benefits you may not be aware of. 

Career Engineer

Whether you’re a student looking for an internship, a young professional looking for your first chemical engineering job, or a seasoned engineer looking to breathe new life into your career, AIChE offers a variety of options to help guide you. 

  • Access career advice to build a great resume, network effectively using your social media profiles, and interview well once you apply
  • Schedule your one-on-one career coaching session customized to your goals
  • Find your next job with Career Engineer’s job board where you can review job listings and attend virtual career fairs

Check out Career Engineer and its many helpful tools.

Career Insights

Enter an occupation and location to instantly see data and insights that will help you plan your career, such as outlook, wages, and required skills. Get Career Insights.

Member-only benefits

Find templates for resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, accessible only to AIChE Members, to help you make your next career move. Helpful tip sheets can give you guidance on how to follow up with prospective employers or how to perform well in an interview. Gain access to your benefits.